Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for BioMedIQx

Last Updated: 02-28-2024

1. Introduction

Welcome to BioMedIQx. As a leader in the industry, we’re committed not just to providing top-tier top tier spray supplements, but also to safeguarding your personal information and privacy when you interact with our digital presence. This policy outlines how we handle, utilize, and safeguard your data.

2. Scope

This policy is applicable to our primary online portal,, and encompasses all services, products, and user interactions associated with our platform.

3. Data Collection & Its Relevance

At BioMedIQx, we categorize and collect data to enhance your user experience:

  • Personal Identification Data: Names, addresses, and other data to facilitate service delivery.
  • Contact Information: Email addresses and phone numbers for correspondence and updates.
  • User Interaction & Preferences: This helps refine our service offerings.

4. Specialized Tools and Data Collection Mechanisms

  • Google Analytics: To understand site traffic, user behavior, and improve site performance.
  • Google Ads: Data regarding ad interactions helps fine-tune our marketing strategy.
  • Facebook Pixel: Enables us to monitor conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, retarget potential customers, and leverage Facebook’s lookalike audiences.
  • Contact Forms: Facilitate direct communication, inquiries, and feedback from users.
  • Newsletters: Subscription information to share updates, news, and promotional materials.

5. Utilization of Collected Data

Every fragment of data has a distinct role:

  • Service Enhancement: Refining offerings based on user feedback and interactions.
  • Marketing & Advertisements: To provide tailored promotions and communications.
  • Legal Compliance: Meeting regulations set by legal and industry standards.

6. Cookies, Pixels, and Tracking

Your digital footprint provides valuable insights:

  • User Experience Enhancement: Offering content tailored to user preferences and navigation patterns.
  • Behavioral Analytics: Assessing site interactions and user demographics.

You have the autonomy to manage, accept, or decline cookies through your browser settings.

7. Data Security Protocols

We’re armed with advanced protective measures to ensure data security. However, the digital realm has inherent vulnerabilities, and while we strive for top-tier security, no system is impervious.

8. Data Sharing & Third-Party Collaborations

Certain partnerships augment our service quality:

  • Advertising and Analytics Platforms: Data sharing with platforms like Google and Facebook enhances our marketing and insights.
  • Regulatory & Legal Bodies: If mandated by legal requirements.

9. User Age Considerations

BioMedIQx products are curated for adult professionals. We consciously avoid collecting data from those under 13.

10. Intellectual Property

All content, from textual to visual, on our platform is proprietary. Users are urged to respect these intellectual rights.

11. CCPA Compliance

In line with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA):

  • Access & Deletion: California residents can request access to or deletion of their personal data.
  • Non-discrimination: Exercising CCPA rights will not affect service quality or pricing.

12. Adjustments to Our Policy

The fluid digital landscape might necessitate policy modifications. Major shifts will be transparently communicated.

13. Establishing Contact

For data inquiries, CCPA-related requests, or any concerns, please reach out to

14. Consent & Agreement

Interactions with our platform indicate your consent and agreement with our data practices.

15. Building a Legacy of Trust

BioMedIQx remains dedicated to not only industry excellence but also to the unwavering respect for and protection of user data. Your trust propels our legacy, and we’re committed to honoring it.